Backstage Pass

I look at the calendar ahead and realize that I have only a few days to catch up on my office work before I am too busy driving and doing events to do anything else. I got on the phone and the internet and made the most of my day. Result: two new bookings, three new pending bookings, one newspaper mention, one pending radio spot, several other pending media bookings, three venues to call back tomorrow. Connected with two old fans who are becoming new friends that I will see along the way. Went out and got fuses for the car, hoping this will make the brights work again. Bought padded mailers to send complimentary copies to the contributors to the revised edition. Bought groceries to make dinner for Karin and her household tomorrow. Next I sit down with my bills, bank statements, credit card statements, on-line banking instructions, on-line merchant account instructions. My left brain pleads insanity. If I were good at this, I'd be in another profession. Yeah, yeah. Still needs to get done.

The best part of the day was in the late morning, when I met with a perfectly lovely new friend named Sara Peyton for an interview to appear in next Sunday's Forum section of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. She had already studied my website and my book, called Salli Rasberry and Bill Wheeler for their views and materials, really already knew enough to write an entire article and still spent nearly two hours in conversation with me. We laughed a lot.

Sara Peyton

Got an idea today about the book version of this web journal: Print out the best pictures and collage them with tour memorabilia, put some of the best writing into my handwriting--make each page an art piece. Now I am on the lookout for cool stuff to save and send back to my storage locker in Kihei to use in the collages.


Months ago I was booked to play an evening of music on June 17 at Harbin Hot Springs Resort, and this week I was invited to the sixtieth birthday party of none other than Bill Wheeler--artist, village patriarch, iconoclast--on the same night. I wish I could be two places at once! Here is the invitation that arrived at Karin's house today: