Today I plunged deeply into the mundane. Paperwork, about numbers, about money, my anethma. I found that if I sat very still and focussed upon one single item from among the pile of business puzzles in front of me, it would reveal its inner nature and I would know how to respond. I then felt like the wise queen of a one-person country, considering the affairs of state. Eventually I acquired a neat pile of stamped envelopes ready to deliver to the post office, brought my checkbook up to date, filed the paid receipts. Another pile of padded mailers with signed books for my collaborators is growing at one end of the sofa. I padded off to the kitchen to make dinner for Karin and me. I washed, chopped and assembled a green salad: Organic baby lettuces, red bell pepper, roma tomatoes, black olives, scallions, toasted pumpkin seeds, grated carrots, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I sauteed organic chicken sausages. We are in The Zone.


Karin and I do our best to remain cheerful in the 105 degree weather. We put on middle eastern music and belly-dance. We consider the logistics of attending the Rainbow Gathering. Erik Frye, revision coordinator for the updated edition, called from the midst of a new homesteading project between Cloverdale and Boonville. He will come to my event in Ukiah. I am happy to hear his voice again. He misses Hawaii--the temperate weather, the ocean, his friends, the green windward slopes, but he is committed for some years to his current work. Do I miss Hawaii? My art and its message on behalf of the environment is my life now. I am attached to nothing at this point--except mobility.