Bongers and Wassage

On my way out of Middletown, I stopped in to see Don Strachan. When I met him in 1983, Don lived in Venice Beach and almost never removed his roller skates. He sold things on the boardwalk and always got by with grace. His best source of income for many years has been Bongers, the afore mentioned massage tool guaranteed to "smash evil cellulite and give oomph to sluggish blood," but he is never short of creative ideas. He designed and manufactured two alternative board games, Save the World, and The Seven Famous Buddhaheads Dope Game, both of which now hang, framed, on his dining room wall. He also writes articles on health and nutrition for magazines, and is finishing his first novel. When he moved to Harbin Hot Springs, whole new career possibilities, this time in water instead of on skates, began to occur. He became an extremely proficient watsu therapist at Harbin, and now has bought a spacious older home on several acres of forested property only ten minutes drive from Harbin, where he leads workshops on Wassage, his version of watsu, and Water Tantra, the sexy version of Wassage. If he doesn't make a fortune in this endeavor, at least he will have a very good time trying.


Sign at the base of Don's driveway.


The house, around which deer frolic, as well as tantric goddesses


Floating in Don's solar-heated wassage pool
That's Don and his wife Sylvia behind me.


The first board game to elucidate upon the psychedelic experience,
which Don subheads as Sensuality, Munchies, Giggles and Rapping,
Buddhaheads offers the risk of the Bust, and the goal of Enlightenment.