Winding It Up


My last day--of twelve--in Sonoma County, I prepared for the road. The Peugeot required minor surgery. My watch needed a battery. I bought a few supplies, packaged up event posters in mailing tubes to send to future venues, booked a new music gig in Taos, phoned in for a live radio interview on KMUD Garbervillle, hand-laundered two new performance dresses, one bought at Harbin Hot Springs and one at the Health and Harmony Festival. Karin hemmed the one from Harbin. There was more, but I won't bore you.

A successful operation--performed in an apple orchard outside Sebastopol.
Many thanks to Tom Shamp, who also owns an old copy of Living On The Earth.


Tom recommended Benedetti's for an oil and filter change.
They turned out to be efficient and reasonable. My car smiles now.
I even took it to the car wash. Tom showed me how to unclog
the windshield washing squirter with a pin and WD40.


Karin and I walked over the community foot trail to meet Cliff and Mary for a farewell dinner at Graton's Willow Wood Market Cafe, a place so reknown for its cuisine that we had to wait for a table on a Wednesday night. While waiting, we goofed around outside and took pictures.


Help Wanted: Dishwasher.


We all enjoyed the food, but the real feast was the stories and laughter shared by three thirty-year friends and one beloved. The communes continue to transmute into new forms, as do we, but the bonding we experienced living out under the trees tends to linger and even grow.