Timber Craft Homes


Charles and Judith Landau met me when the original edition of Living On The Earth came out. The hardcover edition they own was a gift from me. Judith was dancing with Ann Halperin in those days; Ramon Sender created the music for her master's thesis in dance at Mills College. She and Charles moved to their land just outside of Port Townsend eighteen years ago and built themselves a dream home that turned into an industry. Originally they designed custom built houses in an upstairs bedroom. Then they built a shop at the entrance to their driveway. Now the building housing a large design studio and sales office stands beside the original small shop; the shop that precuts the parts for their homes is a couple of miles away.


Charles and Judith came to see me at Phoenix Rising and invited me for dinner the following night.


The purgola entrance to their home.
Charles says that Judith created the gardens.


Weathered wood, perfect proportions, charming details,
and richly evident interior and exterior beams trademark their work.
This is the exterior of Judith's dance studio.


The interior of Judith's studio. A few years ago, after
devoting decades to the building business, Judith realized
she needed to dance again and called upon Ann Halperin.
Ann urged her to visit, study, teach, and remember how
she felt dancing professionally. Judith has created a dance class
for women over seventy-five who had once studied dance seriously.


Apple tree arbor along the south wall of the dining solarium


Inside the solarium, where we enjoyed a candlelit supper of fresh salmon and fresh vegetables.


One end of the living room, showing their trademark exposed beams and fine woodwork


The beautifully crafted staircase


The sales office for Timber Craft Homes


The design studio upstairs embodies the same principles as the buildings they create for others.