The Closing Circle

By the end of the conference, I found myself surrounded by dozens of new friends, and I had an immense appreciation for Rosemary and her staff in producing such a large and complex event so smoothly. Rosemary modestly thanked everyone who had participated for their part in making it all work.

Inside the largest tent, at the closing circle, Rosemary speaks

I presented Juliette with a signed copy of Living On The Earth, and she gave me a signed
copy of Traveler's Joy, which I later read cover to cover. In it, she quotes from a book
that I illustrated, The Earth Mass, by Joseph Pintauro, a piece called Blessing of a Traveler.

Giving Juliette de Bairacli-Levy a copy of my CD wouldn't do much good; she lives
without electricity. I gave her one anyway, to enjoy while visiting in the States before flying
back to her wilderness cottage in the Azores. Then I played her a little concert. The woman
on my left brought Juliette a chive plant in flower with a bee sitting upon the flower, and
Juliette spoke gently to the bee, grieving for the suffering of its people.

I drove back to Packer Corners Farm that evening, delighted to find myself reunited with Verandah Porche after ten years of emails and phone calls. We were invited to dinner next door by her neighbors, antique collector/restorer Gilbert Ruff, and writer/book artist Susan Bonthron. "I have the best neighbors in the world," commented Verandah. They care about her deeply and gather around her in times of trouble--her nineteen year old daughter, Emily, has been diagnosed with cancer. Neighbors Myron Golden, retired from a food import/export business, and his wife Lana, an attorney, came over with their young Airdale terrier, Tango, and Allison Hannon, who lives closest to the farm, attended also. Susan and Gil prepared a gourmet meal, and the conversation was lively.

Allison, Tango, Alicia, Gil, Susan, Lana, Myron, and Verandah

I felt pleased to be surrounded by people so fond of one another.

One of Susan's inventions--a book that opens up to become a theatre with actors.